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    1. High Efficiency Vibrating Sieve
    2. High Efficiency Vibrating Sieve1. High efficiency vibrating sieve is comprised of the sieve, material charge and discharge device, driving mechanism, as well as the rack. Vertical air channel is equipped as well.
      2. The sieve is mainly supported by the rubber elements, and has detachable sieve frame. The sieve could be punched or organizational type.
    1. Destoner
    2. DestonerThis device applies steel base, and its steel sieve box is supported by hollow rubber block. Two sifters like grading type and stone removing type are utilized, both of which are made of steel wire. In addition, this stone separator adopts the integrated distribution system. The hole of the organic observation window is covered with rubber. Two vibration motors on the wheat outlet are used to drive the sieve, in front of which the adjustable screw is fixed to adjust the slant angle.
    1. Cylinder Separator
    2. Cylinder Separator Its steel frame comes with three horizontally placed rotating cylinders, on which pocket indents take shapes. The cover and protection grille maximally ensure the safety. Collecting troughs which can be adjusted by hand are equipped. The material inlets and outlets as well as air suction connection all have the diameter of 120 mm.
    1. Wheat Scourer
    2. Wheat ScourerThe wheat scourer uses the effects of hitting and friction to remove the adhesion impurities, dirty wheat and wheat bran, as well as the same size impurities of low crush strength. It is comprised of the devices like material inlet, screen cylinder, transmission mechanism, etc.
    1. Three Blade Intensive Dampener
    2. Three Blade Intensive DampenerIt can stabilize the moisture amount that needs to be conditioned for wheat, thus allowing the wheat to feature even moisture distribution and improving the milling performance. The tenacity of wheat bran will be greatly enhanced, and the viscosity of bran and endosperm will be significantly lowered. In addition, the equipment will increasingly boost the milling and sifting efficiency. It offers high flour extraction rate and excellent flour color quality.
    1. Roller Mill
    2. Roller MillIt mainly peels wheat with the effects of a pair of relatively rotating grinding rollers. Then, the endosperm peeled from the wheat bran is milled into powder. When operating, the grains will be extruded, sheared, and peeled to obtain the milling effect. Each roller mill possesses two independent systems used for driving, feeding, and mill. The systems play their respective functions in the milling process.
    1. Plansifter
    2. PlansifterThe screen box made of qualified alloy steel holds the advantages like good rigidity, high intensity, and light weight. Various types of sieve frame can be applied. Also, it is made of first class wood, and has anti-abrasion plastic on its surface. The amount of sieve frame varies according the relevant size. Commonly, the plansifter has amount of sieve frame ranging from 22 to 28 layers. Its sifter applies the zinc plating metal mesh.
    1. Purifier
    2. PurifierThe feed box made of aluminum sheet has allocation doors. The main air suction channel of this machine has two throttles. The collecting trough under the sieve is used to collect and distribute the materials separated. Two distribution boxes equipped separately has a commutator.
    1. Automatic Packing Machine
    2. Automatic Packing MachineThis equipment mainly includes weighing device, transmission device, sewing device, and computer control. With the imported pneumatic mechanism, the inlet and outlet pressure of the cylinder is adjustable. Also, the operation will be more reliable, and no pollution will be generated.
    1. Impulse Dust Filter
    2. Impulse Dust FilterThe impulse dust filter includes the parts like boxes, dust discharging device, impulse deashing device, as well as the control system. The upper box is comprised of the openable cover, plate, pulse valve, and the air purification chamber. The middle box consists of the sleeve, frame, bag cage, as well as the inlet and outlet air duct.
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HBA Machinery Company Ltd. is a flour milling machinery manufacturer based in China. We are a joint stock company, founded by several leading domestic flour milling machinery manufacturers. At HBA Machinery, we manufacture 40-2,400 T/24h wheat flour milling machinery and 30-600 T/24h corn flour milling machinery. We also supply grain cleaning equipment, water conditioning equipment, flour milling equipment, and more. All of our equipment has a scientific design, an elegant appearance, high efficiency, and low power consumption.